How Start Business With Amazon

How Start Business With Amazon

amazon byu boxIf you want to start your business with Amazon, now is the time. Despite the fact that there are already thousands of sellers on the Amazon, you can still earn good capital there. Monthly Amazon is visited by millions of users who buy millions of products. Therefore, everyone can earn there. A huge plus is that you do not even need to have your own warehouse for the goods. The products can be ordered from the manufacturer and sent directly to warehouses Amazon. This is called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). For example, you can order a batch of stud detectors or laser levels, or electric drills that will come to Amazon warehouses. Then write and publish a stud finder review or review on any other product on the Internet and put in the review link to your product. It remains to wait for someone to read your review and buy your product via the link. Profit. But as in every serious business, there are also nuances.

Be first in Buy Box

Be sure to try to get into the Buy Box and be there first. The lion's share of all purchases in the Amazon is exactly there.

How to become first in the Buy Box?

To do this, you need to create such conditions:
  • Have a competitive price for your product;
  • Have a long good sales history. If you have such a history, then it will be easier for you to become the first. Therefore, from the very beginning of sales, watch your reputation
  • To have a large number of reviews on goods. The more you will have reviews on products, the easier it is to take the first place in the box and increase your sales

A large number of reviews significantly increases sales

But here is the problem of how to get these necessary reviews, if we just can not buy them. Here I can advise you to focus on ensuring that the buyer has the best experience. And if he gets such experience, then many customers will come back and write you a good tip. Also before creating product page, I strongly recommend read Amazon rules.

How to Pick a Product to Sell on Amazon: Private Labelling on Amazon FBA

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